Half Moon Bay - Labor Day Weekend

Fleet 9 is planning to go to Half Moon Bay on Labor Day Weekend. We will meet at the Golden Gate Bridge at 9 AM on Saturday September 1, head out to sea and make the big left turn. This is at the low tide, so we should have a mix of the end of the ebb and start of the flood. We have arranged for following winds and seas for the trip south, let’s hope this is what we find out there.

With a good breeze we should arrive between 1 and 2 PM. We will plan to anchor out, or grab a mooring buoy near the green pier and Half Moon Bay Yacht Club.

Once settled in we can dinghy into the marina and see what is available on the fishing boats. A few years ago we bought a whole tuna and enjoyed it prepared many different ways between 3 boats for the whole weekend.

There are many activities to choose from while we are there including relaxing on the boats, meeting with other boaters at the HMBYC, go to the beach, walk around Princeton, take the bus to the town of Half Moon Bay. Do nothing or wear yourself out, the many options can certainly fill the time we have there.

Half Moon Bay Yacht Club will have the usual activities at their beach side clubhouse. Dinners are available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, plus breakfast on Sunday if you want to support them. If you are interested in one of these meals you are on your own to make reservations with them. Check out the Labor Day Weekend tab on their website www.HMBYC.org for additional information.

Monday we can plan a leisurely departure, the flood at the gate will start around noon and continue building through the afternoon. A 10 AM departure should put us back at the bridge by 2PM.

Please contact Chuck at chas_herman@yahoo.com if you want to join us for this cruise.